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Mount Justice
August 19, 19:39 EDT

Aqualad and Superboy stood across from each other as the computer started the countdown for them to start their sparring match. Artemis and Miss Martian were on the side, watching and talking among themselves while Kid Flash stood a little away from them, eating as usual. Zapps stood next them him, watching in awe at Superboy and Aqualad's little match though it was short lived. Superboy took Aqualad with one swift move, throwing him to the ground. "Fail Aqualad." The computer announced.

"Black Canary taught me that." Superboy boasted before helping Aqualad up.

Just at that time, Red Tornado came in. "Do you have a mission for us?" Kid Flash asked, speeding over next to him.

"Mission assignments are the Batman's responsibly." Red Tornado answered.

"Yeah but the Batman is with the Robin doing the dynamic duo thing in Gotham." Wally started. "But you're heading somewhere right? Hot date? Or a…miss-on?"

"If we can be of help." Aqualad said.

Red Tornado pulsed for a moment before turning around and bringing up a keyboard and screen. "This is Kent Nelson. A friend. He is 106 years old." Tornado explained.

"Guy doesn't look a day over 90." KF joked though Artemis just ignored him. Zapps on the other hand let out a giggle.

"He has been missing for 23 days. Kent was a charter member of the Justice Society. The precursor to your mentors Justice League." Tornado continued to explain.

"Of course! Nelson was earth's sorcerer supreme. He was Doctor Fate." Aqualad said.

"Pft, more like Doctor Fake. The guy knows a little advance science and Dumbledoor's it up to scare the bad guys and impress the babes." KF whispered to Artemis.

"Kent may simply be on one of his..walkabouts but he is caretaker to the helmet of faith. Source of the doctor's mystic might and it is unwise to leave such power unguarded."

"He is like the great sorcerer priests and priestesses of Mars. I would be honored to help find him." Miss M spoke up.

"Me too!" KF raised his hand up. "So honored I can barely stand it. Magic…rocks."

"Doesn't it?!" Zapps popped up before realizing something. "Wait, do I get to go too?" She looked at Aqualad. "Please, please say yes. I promise to behave and wouldn't this be a good mission for me to go on to get the feel of things out in the field? And with Robin off in Gotham, you might need a tech expert." She said whatever came to mind to try to get him to say yes.

"I guess it would not hurt for you to come along. But you must behave." Aqualad simply said.

"Really?! Yay!" Zapps cheered. 'Sweet, now I don't have to ninja my way onto the ship.' She thought to herself with a sly expression on her face.

"Take this. It is the key to the tower of fate." Tornado handed Aqualad a gold key.

"What are the chances that we'd both so admire the mystic arts?" KF asked Miss M.


"So Wally, when did you first realize your honest affinity for sorcery?" Artemis asked KF in a sarcastic manner.

"Well I don't like to brag but before I became Kid Flash, I seriously considered becoming a wizard myself." He answered, lending back in his chair and looking over at Miss M. Artemis just rolled her eyes at him in disguise.

"We've reached Tornado's coordinates but-" "Nothing's there!" Superboy finished Miss Martian's sentence.

"Oh, what if it's here but in another dimension. It does have magic powers right?" Zapps asked.

"Here's a thought, why not kept your ideas to yourself." Artemis said in an annoyed tone. This just made Zapps stick her tongue out at her.

"Take us down." Aqualad said to Miss M


Kid Flash sped around and then stopped in front of Artemis. "Nothing! This isn't simple camouflage."

"So what do you think? Adapted micro-optic electronics combined with faze shifting?" Artemis asked.

"Absolutely!" Kid Flash said in an impressed tone. "..Not! Clearly mystic powers are at work here." He said when he saw Miss M walk up beside him.

"Well of course! Come on, he's Doctor Fate right? Maybe we have to say a spell. Maybe like…Abracadabra!" Zapps spoke as she raised her hands in the air. She pulsed for a minute, hoping something would appear.

"Really?! Do you ever listen to yourself when you talk?" Artemis glared at the girl.

"What? What was so wrong about what I said?!" Zapps looked over at Artemis confused. "Maybe it was the wrong spell or magic word. You don't know!"

Artemis just rolled her eyes at the girl.

"A test of faith." Aqualad said, looking down at the key. "Stand behind me." He then told the others as he walked forward.

Everyone watched as he inserted the key into what looked to be nothing. They could hear a click sound echo out and a tower appeared before them. They all stood there for a moment before Aqualad opened the door and they walked in.

The door shut behind them and disappeared. "Uh, where'd the door go?" Superboy asked, sounding a bit freaked out.

"Duh, it's called magic!" Zapps giggled, seeming to be excited by everything going on around her.

"Greetings! You've entered with a key but the tower does not recognize you. Please state your purpose and intent!" A hologram of Kent Nelson said as he appeared before the teens.

Zapps started to go toward him to check it out but was stopped by Aqualad. "Maddie, please try to calm yourself. Remember you promised to behave if I allowed you to come alone." "But I just wanted-" She started before seeing Aqualad's face. "Fine! I'll stop." She pouted.

While Aqualad was dealing with Zapps, Kid looked back at Miss M before beginning to speak. "We are true believers here to fine Doctor Fate!"

Kent's projection dematerialized and a rumbling sound started to come from under their feet. The floor then let out from under them, making them fall into a pit of lava. Miss M quickly grabbed KF, while Artemis shot an arrow into the rock with her cross bow and grabbing Aqualad. Zapps caught herself but when she heard Superboy cry out, she headed down to him. "Maddie, what are you doing?!" Wally called to her.

"Those were my favorite boots. This Nelson guy better be worth it." Superboy said, peeved.

When she got down to him, she tried to pull him up but he was too heavy for her. "Would you get out of here!" Superboy told her. "I'm trying to help you." She said back. "And besides you can't fly so be quiet." She giggled, making him let out of groan.

Not being able to get a grip, she wrapped herself around him. "Get off of me!" Superboy yelled.

"Having trouble…maintaining altitude. I'm so hot!" Miss M said, wiping sweat from her forehead.

"You sure are." Kid replied. "Wally!" Artemis yelled at him. "Hey I'm inches above sizzling death; I'm entailed to speak my mind!"

"My physiology...And M'genn's are susceptible to extreme heat. We must climb out quickly!" Aqualad said.

Miss Martian and KF slowly fell down, inching closer to the lava. "Hello Megan! We never truly answered the question." She said, looking over to Kid Flash. "Red Tornado sent us to see if Mr. Nelson and the helmet were safe!" She called out.

A rumbling sound came once again from under them as a floor appeared. Superboy jumped down, while Zapps stayed in the air. KF and Miss M slammed into the floor while Aqualad and Artemis landed as while.

"That was close huh Supey?" Zapps smiled, finally landing down herself. Superboy didn't say anything to her, just made a groaning noise.

"This platform should be red hot.." Aqualad started, putting his hands to the floor. "But it is cool to the touch."

"Don't worry Megalicious, I got you." KF said, putting his arm around her.

"Enough! Your little 'impress Megan at all coast game' nearly got us barbra qed!" Artemis yelled as she pushed Kid.

"When did this become my fault?" KF asked.

"When you lied to that…whatever it was and called yourself a true believer!" Artemis replied.

"Wally, you don't believe?" Miss M asked him.

"Fine, fine! I don't believe in magic but magic is the real lie. A major load!" Wally answered.

"Wally, I studied for a year at the conservatory of sorcery in Atlantis. The mystic arts created the skin icons that power my water bearers." Aqualad tried to explain to KF.

"Dude, have you ever heard of bio-electricity?! Just look at Maddie. She can generate electricity too and it's not because of magic." He said, pointing to Zapps, who seems shocked that he brought her into his argument. "Hey, in primitive cultures fire was once thought to be magic too. Today it's just a bunch of tricks." He finished and crossed his arms.

"Your pretty closed minded for a guy that can break the sound barrier in his sneakers." Artemis argued.

"That's science! I recreated Flash's lab experiment and here I am. Everything can be explained by science." Kid Flash said.

"Let's test that theory," Spoke Aqualad, grabbing for a secret door.

"Wait, the back draft from the lava will roast us alive!" KF called, though Aqualad didn't listen and opened the door anyways.

"It's snow." Miss Martian said with a smile.

"Do you ever get tired of being wrong?" Artemis smirked as she spoke to KF.

"Guess everything can't be proven by science after all, huh?" Zapps giggled, jumping through the door with the others.

"I figured you'd at least be on my side, Maddie." Wally said in an annoyed voice, going through the door as well.

Once they all were through, the door disappeared and everyone just looked at Wally.

"Well?" Artemis spoke up.

"Ever heard of string theory? We're in a pocket dimension." KF said, making Artemis let out an annoyed groan.

"What's that?" Miss M asked. Everyone turned around to see a cane just floating there in front of them. Artemis started to walk over to it.

"Ooo, maybe it's Nelson's magic wand." KF said sarcastically.

"I got it!" Both Artemis and KF said at the same time as they both grabbed the cane and it started to glow. "I can't let go!" The cane shot them into the air and they disappeared. The others could do nothing but watch as it happened.


"I don't understand Wally. It's almost as if he needs to believe the impossible cannot happen." Miss M said as they walked through the snowy terrain.

"He uses his understanding of science to control what he cannot comprehend." Aqualad started to explain to Miss Martian. "Acknowledging the existence of magic would be to relinquish the last vestige of that control."

"Yeah, well I think he's just being a stick in the mud. Sure there are people's powers that can be explained with science, like mine or his but that doesn't mean everything can be or magic doesn't exist."

Just then the four of them could see stairs that led up to a door up on top of a hill. They headed for it and went through. Aqualad and Superboy fell through the other side, hitting the floor, while Miss M and Zapps floated down.

"Friends of yours?" Kent asked Artemis and KF. Artemis headed over to the others just when Abracadabra attacked Kent and KF.

KF pushed Kent out of the way and asked, "Friends of yours?!"

Abracadabra sent another bolt of electricity toward the others this time. "Stay back!" Zapps said as she shot his attack back at him, only for him to dodge it. He then came over to them, shooting electric nets, trapped Aqualad and Superboy. Artemis and Zapps attacked him while Miss M contacted KF for help. After Artemis and Miss M where trapped as while, Zapps went over to try to free Aqualad first.

As she pulled at the net, she left her guard down. "Maddie, look out!" Aqualad warned her but it was too late. Abracadabra kicked her in her head, making the girl tumble backwards and blacking out.


After Abracadabra was disarmed and everyone was freed, Aqualad ran over to check on Zapps. "Is she ok?" Miss M asked, concerned. "I'm ok, I'm ok." Zapps answered, lifting herself up. "I got a headache now though."

"Great, now you know how we feel every time you open your mouth." Artemis said with a smirk.

"Oh ha, ha!" Zapps responded, getting up with the help of Aqualad.

"Even though you feel fine, you should still get checked out. It would seem you are bleeding." Aqualad told her, pushing her hair up to see where the blood was coming from.


Now back at Mount Justice, Zapps walked out of her bedroom wearing her Wonder Woman shirt and blue shorts with her pink knitted slippers on her feet, her hair still wet from washing the blood out of it.

"So I hear you got your first battle scar today." She could hear Robin say. She looked up to see him lending on the wall across from her door.

"Yeah, you want to see?" she asked, pushing her hair up. "Luckily it wasn't that deep so I didn't have to get stitches. Guess I wouldn't have it at all if I didn't drop my guard. Think Black Canary is going to be mad?"

"Haha, your still learning so I doubt she'll be mad. Might push you more though." Robin said, walking closer to her.

"So did you catch any bad guys? You better have since you missed out on my very first mission." Zapps pretended to be mad but couldn't hold back and let out a giggle.

"Of course we did." Robin laughed back.

"Good! Still would have been cool if you got to be there though." Zapps smiled and started to head down the hall, Robin walking beside her.


Chapter 2's finally done yay! Nothing really special about this one though^^; Chapter 3 will be kind of short but it will have the introduction of Monk Monk;P

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